A story of Lynn, a girl who was transported into an oriental painting, meets the legendary fox with nine tails. The story of a world inside a fairy tale, with a concept of an original fairy tale.
Takes place in a long time ago in a faraway land, when the monsters and ghosts were often seen by humans.
The two plots of the diary of the nine-tailed fox and the girl who is trying to meet the fox unfold at the same time and gradually lead to one plot.

About Us

When we were college students, our team created a mobile puzzle game as graduate work.
The game called ‘Lynn’ started as a graduate work and provided various experiences to our team members.
For example, we won the award at the Imagine Cup, a world IT competition hosted by MS headquarters in Seattle, competing against students from other countries. After we came back from the United States, we came close to graduation and got a job. After we joined different companies, the development of this game was also naturally completed.

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Developer Note

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